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Centre and Office address:
30B Nabadiganta, Block – B, P.O. Panchaswar, Kolkata – 94.
Near Peerless Hospital. Adjacent to Indus Valley World School.

Phone Number: 033-32020660, 09830441661

We provide service 24 hrs. a day.
We also provide pickup facility.

Things to bring at time of admission

At the time of admission, please bring the following personal items:

1. Two to Three sets of Undergarments
2. Casual Clothing - Bermuda/ Sweat Pant/ T. Shirt
3. Towel
4. Napkin
5. Rubber Slippers
6. Chaddar/ Shawl/ Bed Sheet

History - You are supposed to bring your patient's history at the time of admission. It should include childhood, since when he started taking drugs or drinks, his behaviour during addiction days and his relationship at home. What are the instances that led him to drink or take/use drugs, and what made him an addict. Any prior treatment taken before admitting to LIVING SOBER WELFARE SOCIETY. What are the patient's good qualities, habits and characteristics?