LIVING SOBER WELFARE SOCIETY, since its inception, has preferred to be a "treatment" center. All our activities are focused upon helping addicts and their family members to live a happy, healthy and productive life. It is a known fact that LSWS staff mainly consists of recovering addicts along with professional MD, psychiatrists and social workers. The professionals working with us are essentially involved in medical & psychiatric management of the patients and updating the knowledge base of our staff. LIVING SOBER WELFARE SOCIETY has treated many patients since inception. Our patients have enlightened us about the experience of addiction.

"Addiction is a self-destructive behavior marked by physiological dependence & tolerance, followed by medical complications with emotional consequences, interpersonal problems, and adversely affecting individual's capacity to work and live a social life."

We would also like to add that addiction might be caused by any reason whatsoever. Addiction may be the result of a particular event or a series of activating events, or an individual might be genetically, socially, culturally or for any other reasons be trapped in the addiction for which he may or may not be exclusively responsible. However, he owns the responsibility of choosing the narcotic substance or alcohol as a coping mechanism, he is responsible for the acts committed during his addiction and more importantly he has to take the sole responsibility of sober living.

From what we perceived of the addiction problem, we were convinced that:

  • Addiction is a fatal disease
  • Patients admitted need security and love
  • They should restore faith in values in life
  • They need to be accepted by family members and support also should be given to their family members
  • Most importantly, the patients admitted should be emotionally comfortable
Family Support Group

We have said it before, and we want to say it again, that the disease of addiction affects not just the addict, but his wife, parents and children too. During and after the treatment of an addict, it is necessary to provide full support to his family. So we conduct a family group meeting twice a month to educate the co-addicts about the disease and inform them as to their role in the patients’ recovery.

We organize "Awareness Camps" in various areas of the city to inform people about the ill- effects of addiction and solutions.

After discharge of the patient, we provide a AA/NA meeting list and we also accompany the patient for a few initial meetings to initiate him to meetings.

After discharge of the patient, we provide Day-care services to follow-up patients to help them strengthen their initial recovery and cope with day-to-day life.


We believe that addiction as a disease affects every aspect of the afflicted person's life; at the physical and mental level, in relationships, and even causes the person to lose all sense of morality. The disease has a way of recurring and only a total change in attitude can bring any meaningful recovery.

Through our experience we have developed the following principals of treatment:

1. We provide treatment irrespective of class, religion, education, social status or age.
2. We provide a homely atmosphere to put the patient’s mind at rest.
3. We strictly maintain a policy of "NO BODY CONTACT".
4. The staff is encouraged to interact with the patients as friends and guides rather than as teachers.
5. We provide a comprehensive treatment program aimed at improving patients’ body, mind and soul.
6. Apart from these, some of the other aspects of our treatment are:
  • Minimum medication administered - enough to relieve the patient of the intense withdrawals
  • Emphasis on clinical and ward observation. The patient's validated history is collected
  • Psychological tests administered as required to get an idea about the patient's personality and coping up patterns